Growing old is a privilege! With such privileges come changes throughout the body but some appear more visibly on our skin.

The collagen fibres in our skin decrease in number around the age of 30. These fibres are responsible for maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the skin and are not only affected by the natural ageing process but by other lifestyle and environmental factors such as sun damage, smoking, pollution and stress.

Collagen beauty powder has been shown to not only improve the skin's appearance but can also:

* Improve gut health

* Increase skin moisture

* Reduce cellulite

* Assist in noticeably smoother skin

* Stronger hair and nails

Collagen in an essential building block for gut and skin health that is often missing in the modern diet due to the use of lean cut meats.

Collagen beauty powder is flavourless and odourless and can be enjoyed in hot and cold drinks and even added to baked treats and smoothies.

Available at n8 Health Bendigo

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